Monday, December 12, 2011

I don't have any idea what you just said to me!

Valley Girl 2.0

Meaningless Expressions
Abstract Valley Girl 2.0 Acronymitis Using Meaningless Expressions
These five terms are described in this blog post from the Harvard Business Review by Dan Pallotta.

Did you ever listen to a sales pitch or had a conversation with someone and thought, “I have no clue what that person was talking about?” It seems to be happening more frequently than ever; especially from "business spokespersons" and, of course, most politicians. This could be happening with your customers if you using acronyms or talking about things that are common to the industry, but not the average person. In this blog from the Harvard Business Review,Dan Pallotta breaks down some of the different type of “nonsense talkers.”


  1. I really need someone to come out and look at my hvac. I think I'm going to call an hvac service company from Fort Wayne, IN to come check it out. Hopefully, it isn't anything serious.

  2. Well, hopefully, this doesn't happen in business since it needs accurate conversation from where both parties can understand each other.